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A do-over congressional election in NorthCarolina may test whether suburban voters who were once reliably Republican are still loyal.

There will be a specialelection to fill NorthCarolina’s 9th Congressional District seat on Tuesday after a ballot fraud scandal led the state elections board earlier this year

The specialelection in NorthCarolina's 9th Congressional District was called after credible allegations of ballot fraud were lobbed against

The State of NorthCarolina will conduct two special primary elections to fill vacancies in the 3rd and 9th Congressional Districts.

The specialelection in NorthCarolina's 9th District could serve as an early warning sign for the 2020 elections, as Democrats try to flip a seat held by Republicans since 1963. Democrat Dan McCready is up against Republican Dan Bishop in a redo of a 2018 midterm election blighted by allegations of...

Dan Bishop face off in a specialelection on Sept. 10 for the congressional seat from NorthCarolina's 9th district. McCready lost the election for the seat against GOP candidate Mark Harris in 2018, but the results were thrown out amid allegations of absentee voter fraud against Harris’ campaign.

The specialelection could provide an early test of whether highly educated women voters in suburban areas will throw their support to Democrats in marginally Republican districts as

On the roster: It’s election day in NorthCarolina - McConnell readies for weeks-long shutdown fight - Pelosi says Dems are united on impeachment

President Donald Trump urged supporters in NorthCarolina on Monday to defeat Democrats in the specialelection for the Ninth Congressional district in the state. “Tomorrow, we take the first steps to firing Speaker Pelosi and winning back the House in 2020,” Trump said. “We need everybody to get...

State election officials then ordered a specialelection; Harris decided not to run, and Bishop — a state senator best known for sponsoring NorthCarolina’s controversial “bathroom bill” — bested nine other candidates to win the Republican nomination.

During elections, we meet with candidates for office and the proponents and opponents of ballot initiatives and then make recommendations to voters.

The specialelection in NorthCarolina's 9th Congressional District is essentially a do-over after the 2018 race was found to be tainted.

RUSH: There is a specialelection in NorthCarolina, and I’m afraid, folks, that the Drive-By Media has been slightly mischaracterizing this. Trump’s got a rally in Fayetteville, NorthCarolina, tomorrow on the same night as the specialelection in the 9th district.

Just one day before an important specialelection for House Republicans in NorthCarolina, President Donald Trump will take his reelection campaign to Fayetteville Monday evening to host a rally for a GOP candidate. The swing state's 9th Congressional District, typically a Republican stronghold...

President Trump traveled to NorthCarolina Monday to show support for the Republican in a specialelection for a House seat that’s viewed as a toss-up. “NorthCarolina, vote for Dan Bishop tomorrow. We need him badly in Washington!