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FederalElection2019 Results. Coalition to form majority government as Labor looks for new leadership.

The 2019 Australian Federalelection will elect the 46th Parliament of Australia. With the first forecast of budget surplus in more than a decade. It is expected that infrastructure spending and tax cuts are...

Election. Morrison’s new supreme power. Scott Morrison’s successful one-man campaign changes everything inside the Liberal Party and puts him in a position no other PM has enjoyed.

The Star's leading politics reporters cover Election Canada 2019. Visit for news and analysis of the Canadian federalelection.

FederalElection2019: ‘He looked Canadians in the eye and lied to them,’ says Scheer of Trudeau in SNC-Lavalin scandal.

Our election panel includes Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen, NSW ALP Senator Jenny McAllister, Coalition Senator Michaelia Cash and former MP Craig Laundy, along with radio broadcaster Alan...

Politics. The 2019federalelection campaign is on. After a visit to Rideau Hall by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the campaign will officially begin.

At the 2019FederalElection, CEC candidates are fighting for these policies to protect Australians from the next economic crash and build a future for all

Exclusive: analysis of 2019federalelection cash splash shows ads attacking Labor spiked in final

Live coverage of the count for the 2019federalelection. 12.06am. “We’re bringing back Macquarie”, says Scott Morrison in his victory speech.

The latest Federalelection2019 news, articles and analysis from the The Age.

FederalElection2019 – announcements for small business on the home stretch. With the FederalElection taking place this week, we’ve heard a number of announcements designed to sway small...

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