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And driverless vehicles will need to learn when to disobey traffic rules - for example, when an emergency vehicle needs everyone to move out of the way. Right now, autonomous vehicles are still very much in the testing phase, "learning" how to deal with the unpredictability that is endemic to driving.

Will I needa driver's licensefor my future self-driving car? Do youneeda driving licencefor self-driving cars?

Yes, the driverlesscar is coming - much sooner than you think. Ford says that within five years it will have a fully self-driving vehicle without steering wheel, gas or brake pedal for sale to ride-hailing companies. Uber is ready now to pick up passengers in Pittsburgh with an experimental version of an...

Self-driving, driverless or autonomous cars are going to change your life in ways you can’t even imagine.

OWNERS of driverlesscars could be made to sit a new test before hitting the road over fears drivers won't know how to 'take back control'

Driverlesscars are being tests on the UK roads but do you still need to have a driving licence to be in one? The answer may be more surprising than you think! In this video i go over some brief details of how it will all work but I'll be returning to this topic regularly as the technology and trials progress.

Trials of driverlesscars have recently begun in the UK. What are the advantages and disadvantages of welcoming this technology on to the nation’s roads?

UK politicians are all aboard for the autonomous car revolution but what should you know about driverlesscars now?

Two driverlesscars took to the city-centre circuit ahead of the Formula E race in Buenos Aires but only one finished. The other overshot a bend and crashed into

Do you still needalicense in adriverlesscar and how will insurance work, will the passenger by liable. Legislation in anticipation for the driverless

Driverlesscar driving licenses will soon be available in California. Here's what youneed to know about getting alicensefor self-driving cars.

Driverless vehicles will be able to circle the block, or head to another destination, while you enter a store, or attend an appointment. And for those worried about environmental impact or fuel costs, the vehicles will also be able to park themselves if need be.

When willyou be able to buy adriverlesscar that will work anywhere? This commonly asked question contains three assumptions: that

Driverlesscars will eventually take human drivers out of the motor vehicle equation. Here's what a future filled with autonomous vehicles could look like.

Driverlesscars are also expected to have profound effects on a broad range of industries, from insurance companies to fee-based parking lots, gas

Driverlesscars will be here before you know it. Several automakers have already showed off their self-driving car technology and many car companies aim