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Where is energy stored infood? What are the uses of energy gotten from food? How long does food take to be made into usable energy?

Energy is most fooddoes indeed comefrom sunlight. Producers are the most abundant food source and producers make their food from sunlight during

Wheredoes the energyin your food origionally comefrom? Foods that animals and people eat contain energy that originallycame from the sun.

The energy of food ultimately comesfrom the big bang that started the Universe. This caused a wide dispersal of baryonic matter which condensed mostly into Hydrogen, which condensed into our sun and solar system. This hydrogen is slowly being burned in the core of our sun via thermonuclear fusion...

Wheredoesenergy go? Energy can be found in many things and takes many forms. There is potential energyin objects at rest that will make them move if resistance is removed.

Wheredoes this energycomefrom, how is it locked into food molecules and how is it released?

Energyinfood production. Should we aim to reduce food miles? Most food miles are travelled by road or air rather than by the more energy efficient methods of rail or sea. But the distance food travels and the method of transport used is only part of the environmental impact of food.

Learn more about whereenergyin the UK comesfrom and make the switch to Good Energy.

In this lesson, students learn that most of the food they buy in stores originally comesfrom farms.

In fact, we consume less energyin the UK today than we did in 1970, and this despite an extra 6.5 million people living here. The reason is very simple

Wheredo you think these comefrom?Have you met the people who make any of these items? After you’ve mapped your food sources, which items traveled the farthest to get to your

We need food as it helps our bodies to grow, remain healthy, and gives us energy to do work.

Food is energy. But how often do we think about where our foodcomesfrom? We go to the grocery and see shelves stacked with cans, boxes, fruits, and

Energy comesfrom different sources such as oil, coal, wind, the sun, water, natural gas and even manure.

Food: wheredoes it comefrom? As the word Foodcomes, lots of tasty and yummy food items

The massive shift in U.S. food production eastward to low-cost countries such as China over the last 20 years has resulted in a vast and complex supply chain that has

Even in Middle America, where the farms can be huge and the leanings conservative, people are pushing for direct contact with their farmers.

The chloroplast allows plants to harvest energy from sunlight. Specialized pigments in the chloroplast (including the common green pigment chlorophyll) absorb sunlight and use this energy to complete the chemical reaction: 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + energy (from sunlight) C6H12O6 + 6 O2 In this...