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Whatistheagecutofftojointhe National Guard after a break in prior service? 42 isthe current cutoff for enlistment in the Army as an entry level

The hard cutoff is 29 unless you are already active duty at which point they will waver you year for year of active service. This doesn't mean they'll give you a shoot but that you can submit a packet and they'll look at it and then they

The Army experimented with raising the age limit to age 42 for a brief period of time, but effective April 1st, 2011, the

Thenavy, I would assume, is similar to the Marines, given the fact that the Marine Corps is a branch of theNavy.

As of January 2015, it is 34 for the Army and Navy. It is 29 for the Marines, 39 for the Coast Guard and 27 for the Air Force.

TojointheNavy, you must meet basic entry and program-specific requirements, and you must commit to

For the Air Force, the maximum age allowed tojoin is 39-years-old. The Marines have the lowest maximum age for regular military service at 28-years-old. Special Operations branches also have different maximum ages due to the physical challenges put upon the candidates compared to regular...

Officer: Officers arethe managers of the military. Most officer programs require a college degree at minimum, and are very competitive.

The maximum ageto enlist is 27 or up to age 32 for those who attend advanced training school directly

On enrolment into the Regular Force, you must be of an age where there is enough time to complete any necessary training and your first term of service before the

Age Requirements. TojointheNavy without your parents’ consent as an enlisted member you must be at least 18 years old.

TheNavy is committed to identifying the very best people for each job based on education, aptitude and potential, regardless of their gender.

The maximum age for military enlistment is 39 years old depending on branch. We examine pros and cons of the age limit in an era when people are

Do you feel called tojointhe American Navy? Aside from providing the training and education you need to be in service to the United States, theNavy fosters

The biggest thing that attracted me to theNavy was not only the opportunity to travel but the way you get to travel. I personally love water and would enjoy to get to see all kinds of new cultures by soaring through the ocean on the world's most powerful aircraft carriers. What a way to feel bonded with the...

Thecut for prior service is based on you age and the amount of years you have left to make your 20 years. I just enlisted back into the Army National Guard at 51.

Want to know the eligibility requirements for Joining Merchant Navy? Want to be a successful person? Join Oceanic Venture - Check here for more details.

TheNavy expects you to be 100 percent committed at all times. Even if you are serving in a noncombat role, you are still in position to help

The course taken to complete the cargo operation depends upon the type of product and the size of the ship that is carrying the goods.

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The Merchant Navy is a non-combatant commercial fleet, which deals with transporting cargo and

Being in the military service elite groups, such as the Army, Air Force and Navy, is a truly a special experience to show your love for the country. But despite the nobility and prestige that come with it, there are also important considerations you should look into before making a decision to be part of a...