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What cities have a high transgender population? Whatcountries or populations have the largest

In India, as well as in several other South Asian countries, hijras are people usually born with male genitalia (or sometimes ambiguous genitalia) who live as

As soon as I am able to change my documents to match my name and gender identity, I will, and I will be so grateful and less tired once this all happens.

These are offensive slurs used against trans and gender non-conforming individuals. What is a pronoun?

What is it like to be trans in Pakistan? This is a preview of their raw narrative generated by the voices of the community. Despite being viewed by the West as one of the most conservative countries in the world, Pakistan has taken many progressive initiatives such as granting full rights to transgender...

Trans” is often used as shorthand for transgender. When we're born, a doctor usually says that we're male or female based on what our bodies look like.

Gender diversity is deeply rooted in India. One of the most significant Hindu deities, Shiva, has the

Now, some thirdgender people in Pakistan say the modern transgender identity is threatening their ancient culture.

Some 'thirdgender' societies may have four or more gender identities. Many non-binary people identify asthirdgender even if their culture or country

Several countries worldwide allow individuals to register asathirdgender on their passport applications including New Zealand (2012)

The report suggests introducing athirdgenderasa legal option, discard gender-based personal numbers and allow gender-neutral public restrooms.

Nepal is just the latest country to authorize athirdgender category for passport holders, however.

As well as the introduction of a legal thirdgender, the inquiry has suggested an increase in the number of gender-neutral public bathrooms and state funding for projects that

Do you think of countries as havinggender? If so, is the gender usually feminine? Might it be more common in another culture/language to consider a

Eight countrieshave recognized athirdgender, yet the U.S. still only recognizes the male-female binary. So, which countries recognize...

The thirdgender people will be considered as OBCs, the SC said. The SC said they will be given educational and employment reservation as OBCs. The apex court also said states and the Centre will devise social welfare schemes for thirdgender community and run a public awareness campaign to...

There’s also gender-nonconforming, gender-questioning, gender-variant, as well as genderfuck

The UK does not have an equivalent, as they rely on three different routes to apply through (all of which require different supporting documents, some of which must date back years) and only

As their gender does not conform to traditional Western ideas of gender as binary, they can

Someone identifying as gender nonconforming or gender variant may identify as trans, or may not.