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No matter what type of knife youuse, work carefully so you don’t slip and cut your hand.

Toopen the bottle, you simple take the handle of the wooden spoon, or something similar, and push the cork down into the bottleofwine.

Did you know there is a right and a wrong way toopenabottleofwine?

So whether you're about toopena nice bottleof that expensive red wineyou've been saving or preparing yourself for a future

What do you do when you have a lovely bottleofwine but your corkscrew has gone missing? When teetotaling is not an option, there are countless unconventional ways that people claim you can openabottleofwine. We put them to the test. Tip Tester is a new video series in which we’re evaluating...

If you wish to be regarded as a Certifiable Bad Ass (CBA), use a knife, preferably one pilfered from pirates.

Numerous objects can be usedto work a cork out of abottle just as efficiently as a bad corkscrew. Drive a large, course-threaded screw into the cork

But you can't just grab any boot, sneaker or loafer toopen the bottle. Shoes with soles that are too cushioned, like running shoes, don't work at all

Fortified wines can last open for up to a month, but most table wines last only about 3–5 days before spoiling. Don’t worry though, spoiled wine is essentially just vinegar, so it’s

You've got a nice, unopened bottleofwineyou're all set to enjoy and then... wait, where's the

What is the best way to store/preserve an openedbottle? Are any of the fancy bottle stoppers or

all you have to do is take the bottle to mars and ask the aliens toopen it for you> yeah don't listen to that idiot> you just use pliars to carefully remove the

We’ve all openedabottleofwine only to find we don’t like it. Here’s what you can do so it doesn’t go to waste!

How to remove the cork from a winebottleusing a house key. Fun life hack if you haven’t got a cork screw, or use it as a party trick. Works with synthetic corks but not real corks.

Next you can insert the corkscrew straight into the piece of wax that may still be on the top of the bottle.

When youopenabottle, it's best to drink it within four to six hours of opening without compromising taste. The wine will change slightly during that time of

What you will need. -One bottleofwine. (red, white, pink, sparkling, or otherwise) Just make sure it's got a cork.

Luckily, you learned how toopenabottleofwine flawlessly in college, after reading a fabulous post on your favourite blog