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These free apps offer help based on your smoking patterns, moods, motivations, and goals.

Download SmokingCessation and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Engaging mobile app with progress dashboard. Support from a dedicated coach, via in-app chat.

Despite the issues with current stop-smoking apps, app technology in general, Abroms says, is “really promising” for

smoking-cessation-app. A iOS application that provides users a way to readily quit smoking. Technical: Firebase database (.jason tree non relational model), using cocoa pods for library...

Are you a smoker? Hunting for something to help you quit? If so, there’s a new study out that suggests people who use a mindfulness-based smokingcessationapp are experiencing success.

Smoke Free is a smokingcessationapp that uses 20 different evidence-based techniques that can help you beat tobacco addiction, and it is rated at 4.8 by 31,500 people.

We help lifetime smokers quit smoking naturally & easily with our unique, cutting-edge method: The CBQ Method.

Smokingcessation interventions are a cost-effective way of reducing ill health. Quitting at any age provides both immediate and long-term health benefits[4]. Smokers should be advised to stop and be...

The SmokingCessationapp enables you to take charge of your health on the go. Whether you are managing a complex chronic condition, or just want to stay well.This version is a clutter free app with...

Father’s Day, SmokingCessation and Retail Sales of Tobacco Products. When asked why I care so much about smokingcessation, I can’t relate any stories of family tragedies.

Smokingcessation or quitting smoking can be difficult due to physical and psychological dependence; both the habit and nicotine addiction are hard to break.

New – Top Quitting Smoking Solutions. Here you can always come and find new tips, new smokingcessation methods, and new information that will help you quit smoking. Smoke folks with switch...

App Store Description. Smokingcessation program comes complete with tasks and instructions for you to follow. It's like a ToDo list that requires zero data entry on your part.

HPB offers several smokingcessation programmes for the workplace. These aim to raise awareness about the detrimental health

Nearly half of Americans who once smoked eventually quit smoking. Here you'll find in-depth information successful smokingcessation techniques, nicotine patches, and other products to stop...