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LegoCity2014PoliceStation Commercial. Vor 10 Monate. Content Owned by Lego Group.

LEGOCityPoliceStation is an 854-piece set that features the parts to build four vehicles as well as a complete building. It comes with a total of seven people, including three policemen, a policewoman, and three criminals. There is also a police dog that resembles a German shepherd.

Lego ATM Bank Robbery Heist LegoCityPolice Brickfilm Catch the crooks Stop Motion Animation.

LEGOCity Police Mobile Command Center Truck 60139 Building Toy, Action Cop Motorbike and ATV Play… $39.99. In Stock.

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LEGOCityPoliceStation (60047). 100%25 Complete, no instructions or box. This set has been dismantled ready for posting.

LegoCity 60047 PoliceStation - Lego Speed Build Review.

Features a 3-section PoliceStation, police helicopter, police pursuit car, police motorbike and crooks’ truck. PoliceStation features 3 levels, including 2 jail cells with toilets, vent with opening grill and exploding wall function, rooftop helipad, satellite dish and antenna, searchlights, ramp, garage with...

Add LEGOCityPoliceStation, Helicopter Car & Bike Toys - 60141 to Trolley.

14:45. LegoCityPoliceStation. Lego 60047 Speed Build Kids Toy. Levic Bricks1.938.465 views3 years ago. 0:22. PoliceStation - LEGOCity - 60047.

Includes a Lego PoliceStation, six Lego Mini Figures (two Lego Police Officers, a Lego Helicopter ...