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Chapter 6 Keepcalmbecause V.I.Ps won! Chapter 7 Happy memories with bestfriends. Author's notes.

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MINE HAS. from the story Keepcalm by boboisthebest with 3 reads. laugh, keepcalm, relate. Whose heart broke when they read...

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Love is the irreplaceable strong bond. True love has no need to be explained by the words but still

Natalie LeRoy's answer to Mygirlfriend says she loves me and I believe her. Every two or three days she starts little arguments with me and I don't think she

Nice love phrases for mygirlfriend. There are times your girlfriend may be angry and irritating because she feels in a bad day or because you made a mistake.

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Featuring an ironman cartoon figure, these matching his & hers couple t shirts, KeepCalm and Love Me, show that love likes a superpower that gets

MyGirlfriendLove Letter. Thank you so much for entering my life. Thank you for making me feels that I'm special. Thank you for always being there when I needed you.