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[This article contains spoilers for the totality of Netflix's GilmoreGirls: A Year In The Life, which premiered on Friday.

GilmoreGirls: A Year in the Life executive producers Amy Sherman-Palladino & Dan Palladino discuss the Netflix revival, Melissa McCarthy, and those

Talking As Fast I Can: From GilmoreGirls to GilmoreGirls and Everything in Between is a collection of personal essays that detail Graham's career, her love life, the challenges she's faced as a woman in entertainment, and all the hilarious stuff that's happened behind-the-cameras and off-the-stage.

GilmoreGirls found a new audience after it was added to Netflix’s massive catalog in 2014. Fourteen years after it premiered on the WB, the fast-paced, quick-witted

overnights Nov. 26, 2016. GilmoreGirls Recap: StarsHollow, the Musical. By Maris Kreizman.

As a fan of GilmoreGirls who must have watched the first seven seasons of the show ten times over, I was sorely disappointed by the long anticipated revival of the show in the form of A Year in the Life. The overarching tone was different and many characters' appearances felt dropped in for the sake of it.

Eight years after the series ended, GilmoreGirls made its triumphant return last week on Netflix, and you know that everyone in our office was bingeing on the show

Of all the quirky supporting characters in GilmoreGirls, perhaps the most beloved is Michel Gerard. As the uppity French concierge at Lorelai's inn, Michel.

In the decade since GilmoreGirls went off the air, the show has achieved something like cult status. With its lightning-fast wit and obscure allusions, the dramedy has spawned books, fan get-togethers, podcasts and the adoration of more than one generation of viewers.

GilmoreGirls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino knew how she wanted to end the series for roughly 15 years — and thanks to the Netflix revival GilmoreGirls: A Year in the Life, now fans know too. But the famed final four words — spoken by the title women, Rory (Alexis Bledel) and her mother Lorelai...

The GilmoreGirls cast reunites in Austin, Texas for the Austin Television Festival Saturday June 6, 2015.Anthony Quintano / TODAY. Graham added, "The camera work on that show is very specific and we really had to hit certain marks, which especially when you start out, is just a foreign concept."

Are you a "GilmoreGirls" superfan? Prove it with our quiz and see if you can match the first line to the character who said it.

The cast of GilmoreGirls hit the red carpet to share their greatest takeaways, lessons learned

Make no mistake: this is The GilmoreGirls on crack, which considering the already fast pace of the original, can feel like some unholy new chemical that might make your nose bleed before the high ever kicks in.

In "GilmoreGirls: A Year in the Life," Rory Gilmore bombs an interview after showing up unprepared. Source: Saeed Adyani | Netflix.

So, in honor of the crazy antics, witty comebacks and perfect portrayal of reality, I give you the reasons why "GilmoreGirls" rocked our world

Do you love "GilmoreGirls" and secretly wish you lived in StarsHollow, Connecticut? Check out these fun facts and set photos from "A Year in the Life"!

A return to StarsHollow! GilmoreGirls creator reveals her new contract with Amazon permits her to go back to Netflix - sparking furious speculation that the hit show will be

Because the “GilmoreGirls” communication style was based around snappy, brainy dialogue, it would be far too easy for the show to rely on cultural references or twee gestures at the expense of depth.

Are the actorstoo old? Can show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino pull it off? Who better to go to for answers than the Gilmore guys?

GilmoreGirls begins 16 years later, with Lorelai working at an inn and bantering incessantly with her smart, bookish, ridiculously adorable 16-year-old daughter (played by

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Every single time I see Mrs. Kim in an episode of GilmoreGirls, though, my stomach sinks. There’s the obvious negative stereotypes about Asian “tiger mothers,” and the way it’s obviously meant to play off as humorous reads as racist to me, mostly because her character is incredibly flat (at least so far, but...

After GilmoreGirls, Greenfield played a romantic interest for Veronica Mars for a couple of seasons, a role he reprised in the 2014 film.

Fast forward a decade or so and we find Rory’s circumstances are much different from what we originally pictured. In GilmoreGirls: A Year In The Life, our opening shot finds us face to face with Rory and Lorelai at the gazebo in StarsHollow.

The actual town that inspired the GilmoreGirls Washington, CT (aka Washington Depot, CT) is cited to be

I’ve been binge watching GilmoreGirls in a controlled environment and I am surprised in how much I enjoy the show. At first I thought, “What the hell is the big deal about a show that follows a mother and a daughter?” That question is what has been holding me back for 14 years (it’s surprising, with the...

The “GilmoreGirls” revival left us with many questions (Rory, heels on a journalism assignment, really?), but the major mystery hanging over our heads is the key to the final four words. SPOILER ALERT: Do not read further if you haven’t watched “GilmoreGirls: A Year in the Life.”

But Graham's character Sarah is a single mom too, and is just as sharp and biting as Lorelai.