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Talking As Fast I Can: From GilmoreGirls to GilmoreGirls and Everything in Between is a collection of personal essays that detail Graham's career, her love life, the challenges she's faced as a woman in entertainment, and all the hilarious stuff that's happened behind-the-cameras and off-the-stage.

GilmoreGirls: A Year in the Life executive producers Amy Sherman-Palladino & Dan Palladino discuss the Netflix revival, Melissa McCarthy, and those

GilmoreGirls was known for its witty dialogue and great performances. That doesn't mean they didn't occasionally hire the wrong actor.

As GilmoreGirls fans know, the rest is history. Bledel and Lauren Graham spent seven seasons embodying the sort of mother-daughter relationship

GilmoreGirls has a very long script for an hour show, so in order to get everything in an hour they need to talk faster. lol. Did you like the show?

Eight years after the series ended, GilmoreGirls made its triumphant return last week on Netflix, and you know that everyone in our office was bingeing on the show

In the decade since GilmoreGirls went off the air, the show has achieved something like cult status. With its lightning-fast wit and obscure allusions, the dramedy has spawned books

...the beloved star of GilmoreGirls and Parenthood, which recounts her experiences on Gilmore

Are you a "GilmoreGirls" superfan? Prove it with our quiz and see if you can match the first line to the character who said it.

GilmoreGirls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino knew how she wanted to end the series for roughly 15 years — and thanks to the Netflix revival GilmoreGirls: A Year in the Life, now fans know too. But the famed final four words — spoken by the title women, Rory (Alexis Bledel) and her mother Lorelai...

That’s the “GilmoreGirls” we’ve known and loved, and many of the show’s best, most enduring qualities were front and center in these four episodes.

So, in honor of the crazy antics, witty comebacks and perfect portrayal of reality, I give you the reasons why "GilmoreGirls" rocked our world

As a fan of GilmoreGirls who must have watched the first seven seasons of the show ten times

Keeping GilmoreGirls alive and news on what the Gilmore cast is up to now.

The GilmoreGirls cast reunites in Austin, Texas for the Austin Television Festival Saturday June 6, 2015.Anthony Quintano / TODAY. Graham added, "The camera work on that show is very specific and we really had to hit certain marks, which especially when you start out, is just a foreign concept."

You’ve binged all of GilmoreGirls. You’ve watched and re-watched A Year in the Life. You’ve debated the various merits of Logan and Jess at length. Now you’re missing all your friends from StarsHollow.