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Do You Really Care About Him (Or Do You Just Not Want toBe Alone)? Sadly, I’ve seen a lot of women in unhappy relationships simply because

#8 He’s not afraid tobe seen with you in public. A guy who wants to keep a girl as a side chick will tend to avoid meeting in public spaces or do

He finds reasons to talk to you, to touch you, to make you laugh. A woman can just sense when a man is vying for her attention.

Is he close to hisfriends and family or are they not part of his life? This is important because it tells about his family values and priorities.

When a guy wantsyoutobehisgirlfriend, hewants to envision what your worlds will look like when they merge together, and that means meeting each other's

You want to know exactly just what place you hold in his life and you think that the only way for youto know for sure is to have that talk with him. But still, it makes you nervous and anxious when you think about actually having the conversation. You aren’t confident enough to actually bring it up when...

He never try to hides you nor he worried that either hisgirlfriend or their friends will find out. As he eventually chooses you over her, then it doesn’t matter

He may be embarrassed that he likes you while heis a relationship. Hedoes not want to talk about hisgirlfriend in front of you because heis afraid

9. You’ve caught him checking you out. 10. He agrees to go to movies and concerts with you — even if he has no interest in them. 11. He sits as close

He opens up to you about personal matters and does not mask his feelings around you. Trust is difficult for anyone. It makes people feel vulnerable.

Youwanttobe brave and ask them outright, but even then, you might not get a straight answer. People can be mysterious and can hold their desires closely to them so that no

walking to class when we get to class he almost always holds the door for only me and then walks in behind me.he usually doesn't talk to me in the hallways or in class much but I catch him looking my way sometimes.then he looks away though.can you tell me whats going on with him.doeshewant me.

Waiting for the guy you're dating to fess up and tell you that hewantstobe exclusive can be excruciating, sort of like waiting for your manicure to

I invited my crush to my house. When we were in my room we started to play cod, after some minutes his phone rang and I passed it to him (cause I thought it was a message). After checking he showed me a pic where a guy said... Its. asked under Guy's Behavior.

If you’re new to dating or are simply too shy a guy, knowing these 30 things that your girlfriend wantsyoutodo will prove tobe very useful to you.

She wantsyouto introduce her as your girlfriend, she wants people to know, not in a tacky, let’s-change-Facebook-status way but as a

These are questions that you need to ask yourself. Before you go having the relationship talk and cause an explosion or breakup prematurely, look at these

Little stream of logic: if hewantsyoutobehisgirlfriend, he wont delay self-gratification that long a time. 5. You Will Know. Because we always do. We have known since kindergarten when a boy crushes on us. Boys were never the most subtle creatures, and neither are men. If he’s being too...