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Has your child been diagnosedwithbipolar disorder? At 18 maybe, but at 8? Get a second opinion!

Does your child get much more excited and active than other kids his or her age? Do other people say your child is too excited or

Patience, persistence and getting her own talk therapy helps mom navigate daughter’s seven year journey withbipolar.

Take this Bipolar Disorder quiz to see if you may benefit from further diagnosis and treatment from a mental health

For example, kids who have bipolar disorder may experience particularly rapid mood changes

Kidswithbipolar challenges are frantic for the encounter and they may either be too impulsive or

People withbipolar disorder go through intense emotional changes that are very

Doctors faced with kids struggling with explosive moods felt the diagnosis was appropriate and said that the bipolar medications

Where adult bipolar disorder expresses itself in episodic, out-of-character behavior, a child diagnosedwithbipolar disorder will have

Read all 1867 questions with answers, advice and tips about Child Bi-Polar Disorder from moms' communities.

Up until 1999 when i was diagnosedwithbi-polar i had never heard of it,and i wonder how many people out here still have no idea what it is and how it effects...

My husband has recently been diagnosedwithbi-polar II. We have a 9 month old baby and I am afraid

People withbipolar disorder have episodes of: depression – feeling very low and

Stigma surrounding bipolardiagnosis may delay getting help. “I was so terrified of losing everything. I convinced myself the only way

Bipolar I – Individuals withbipolar I experience at least one manic episode in their lives. Although not required for the formal diagnosis, the vast

The bipolar label, which has a strong genetic component, can distract from addressing the family or social context. Physicians must be forthcoming with families about uncertainties and complexities in the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder in children.

Bipolar disorder can be debilitating, but diagnosing it is tricky: Symptoms are often mistaken for depression, and overdiagnosis is also an issue.