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Has your child been diagnosedwithbipolar disorder? At 18 maybe, but at 8? Get a second opinion!

My sister was diagnosedwithbipolar when she was very young and we were all so lost. My mom now works for a group called Empower Colorado.

Up until 1999 when i was diagnosedwithbi-polar i had never heard of it,and i wonder how many

Long story short he was diagnosedwithBiPolar disorder. Is anyone married to someone with this illness? How do we get through this.

My neice has been diagnosedwithbipolar - she is 9. I think the diagnosis helps explain alot of her behavior; crying ALL day long, lives in a make-believe world, had problem making friends, serious problems at school, extremely hard time settling down, very hard on herself.

Take this Bipolar Disorder quiz to see if you may benefit from further diagnosis and treatment from a mental health professional.

(Most people withbipolar disorder, however, do not have a family history of bipolar disorder.) Also, the doctor will ask detailed questions about your

Do you have bipolar disorder? Our free 3 minute scientific bipolar test will tell you quickly with instant results.

For example, kids who have bipolar disorder may experience particularly rapid mood changes

did some tests online they said that I have both but not severely, is this true? or should I take a professional diagnosis ?

A red and blue pill with black background signifying the diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Children diagnosedwithBi-Polar In my classroom I have a number of children who have been diagnosedwithBi-Polar. One child has learned how to use the way he reacts when not in controll at times when he doesn't want to work or can not do what he wants. I have worked with him for more...

I myself am bipolar. Its a hard road to go on, but its doable and you can live fairly symptom free with the right support and medications.

Doctors faced with kids struggling with explosive moods felt the diagnosis was appropriate and said that the bipolar medications

Unfortunately, diagnosingbipolar disorder is nowhere near this straightforward.

As someone who was diagnosedwith ADHD at age seven and subsequently given medication for it (my brother was also diagnosed recently, at age seven or eight), I don’t think that this practice is necessarily bad. That being said, I do think it shoul...

People withbipolar disorder go through intense emotional changes that are very

Some people with multiple diagnoses may struggle to maintain relationships and employment. Finding treatment for bipolar II disorder that works for the individual may be a long process of trial and error. A person's needs may change and evolve over time.

Bipolar, or manic-depressive, disorder is a condition that afflicts millions.

Coping withBipolar Disorder. On the outside, Andrea seemed like a devoted, involved

As more kids are diagnosedwithbipolar disorder at earlier ages, parents wonder if psychiatric drugs such as Depakote and lithium are the

My view is that a diagnosis of bipolar disorder in a child is almost always a case of

READ BEFORE WATCHING: This video holds NO offense to the Game Grumps or (indeed) people who suffer from Bi-Polar disorder for that matter.

How Does It Affect People? Bipolar disorder affects both men and women. For many people, the first symptoms show up in their early twenties.

Doctors faced with kids struggling with explosive moods felt the diagnosis was appropriate and said that the bipolar medications they gave to children worked.

Work to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night & eat as healthfully as possible. Daily aerobic physical activity is a big +. Highly recommend the “feeling good book" by dr. David burns. Don't just read it - do it.! try tai chi, yoga, meditation or deep breathing exercises. for topic: DiagnosedWithBiPolar And...

People withbipolar disorder have episodes of: depression – feeling very low and

Kidswithbipolar challenges are frantic for the encounter and they may either be too impulsive or

Just looking for some feedback from anyone who is or knows someone withbipolar disorder about how and when they gotdiagnosed?

Mood-swings questionnaire or bipolar self-test with a checklist you can complete and share with your doctor.

Yesterday I was diagnosed bipolar and my doctor is organising a second opinion to get me on the right medications.

How do they tell if it is bipolar or ADHD? Is it controversial to diagnose a child withbipolar? Has anyone gotbipolar and when they look back

A child withbipolar disorder may be bossy, overbearing, extremely oppositional, and have difficulty making transitions.