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Water for a beardeddragon is very important for hydration. Learn how to provide water for your beardeddragon to keep it properly

Please note that mybeardeddragon is big already so i know her ways.. BABY beardeddragons you have to watch more closely cause they de hydrate fast from running and playing and not takeing in no water.... Beardeddragons have issues with de hydration...

How doI get mybeardeddragon to drink is a really common question, and it is no wonder since you can keep a bowl of waterin the habitat and yet the animal still dehydrates.

Breeding beardeddragons is not hard - in fact it's too easy. Put a female and male together and you'll soon be

Hello mybeardeddragon has not pooped in over a week. He’s also in brumating.

my dragon used his water dish as a toilet, the dish was huge and there was lots of water, and in the summer he felt kinda hot and jumped into

Never leave your beardeddragon unsupervised in the water, especially if the bath is outside.

Place a water bowl in the cage. You can buy a water bowl from your local pet store or make one

Baby beardeddragons shouldn’t be housed with the big guys. Smaller dragons will refuse food if they feel intimidated by bigger brothers and sisters.

As soon as your beardeddragon enclosure is assembled and furnished, you are ready to bring your pet home. Excitement fills the air as you stand back to admire your beautiful beardeddragon terrarium and boa cages.

How do you treat beardeddragon diarrhea? In this article, I’ll show you a few things to keep in mind and talk about possible

Previously, Idid write an article on beardeddragon facts that I would highly suggest that you check out

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While beardeddragons (genus Pogona) indeed need waterin their diets, it's not always as simple as pouring some into a bowl and

Unless you have Zevran in your party before you start the event, and have enough gifts to get him to higher approval rating, there's no way to keep him in your party. With high enough approval rating (60+ I believe) he will either abstain from fighting you, or help you...

Picking out a beardeddragon doesn't have to be hard. Follow these tips to learn how to pick out the healthiest beardeddragon from

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DomyBeardedDragons have to have a UVB light? Absolutely yes. UVB lighting helps the body to manufacture Vitamin D3.

When getting a new beardeddragon, one of the problems that can arise is getting it home to its new enclosure.

I got a beardeddragon because all the research Idid showed me that the beardeddragons

Beardeddragons in the wild obtain much of their moisture from the morning dew that gathers on plants. If you mist your dragon's cage every day, wash his fruits and vegetables thoroughly and let him drink from a water dropper, you need not bathe your dragon every...

Beardeddragons make excellent pets. They have an even temperament, and some bond closely with their owners.

However, in order to keep a beardeddragon happy and healthy, it is important to take care of

While the beardeddragon is basking in his habitat, they will often open their mouths

In Australia keepingbeardeddragons is controlled by state.

I just recived a beardeddragon from a friend. its not a baby and its female, about 13 inches long. i have had her for about 3 days. She hasent shown any signs of agression when I put my hand in the tank, nor does she run away or hide...

You want a beardeddragon and want to make sure it receives proper care. To do this you must have everything needed before you

Mybeardeddragon has not been doing too well so I brought him to the vet. Among other things, the vet said he was dehydrated and

What do you do when your beardeddragon wont let you touch him or pick him up with wanting to bite you? This can depend on several things such as improper husbandry and temperatures, illness or puberty. In most cases, persistance is the key to working it out.

Fill a container with enough water to reach her shoulders, and let her soak for a couple

Beardeddragons are one of the most popular types of lizards kept as pets these days.

Is your beardeddragon mean? Learn how to tame a beardeddragon with this easy

BeardedDragon Care Essentials. BeardedDragons (Pogona vitticeps) – the lizard that’s taking the industry by storm!

A beardedDragon shedding its skin can be a bit ornery to deal with. A beardie going through this process is understandably agitated as it

In the long term Beardeddragon fall injuries can lead to anorexia and even to sudden death.

BeardedDragons cost about $100 each and require a terrarium or vivarium, which can cost up to $500 including all the necessary accessories, such as thermostat, thermometer, water bowls, cage furniture and ultraviolet light. You can also keep more than one...

If you’re looking for BeardedDragon terrariums to suit your tastes, you can’t find a better option