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How can Ikeep her from doing this? I can never catch the poop in time before she runs through it. I'm always walking by the tank, and watching to see if she poops. When I give her baths it takes forever to get it all off with just plain water, is there any kinds of soap or...

Providing water to your BeardedDragon during brumation | What happens when a

In this beardeddragonwater guide I am going to explain everything to you that you need if you want to keep a healthy, well hydrated

Why DoesMyBeardedDragon’s Tank Smell? First, let’s examine some of the possible reasons your

Never leave your beardeddragon unsupervised in the water, especially if the bath is outside.

if it really does only hold "A" cup of water, then absolutely. But a 55 gallon tank is relatively small (inmy opinion). i have a huge 4.5 by 2.5 by 2 foot cage for my full grown adult. Just keep an eye on the humidity, most sites recommend the highest...

Baby beardeddragons shouldn’t be housed with the big guys. Smaller dragons will refuse food if they feel intimidated by bigger brothers and sisters.

If you do it right, maybe another beardeddragon. If you have about a 100-gallon or more terrarium and two

Place a water bowl in the cage. You can buy a water bowl from your local pet store or make one yourself.

I got a request to show how I set up mybeardeddragon terrarium/cage, so here it is. Any other questions about anything shown in here or what products I use, feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer them. Tank info: Exo terra 36x18x18, 50 gallons Dragon: born January 2013, bred...

A beardeddragon cannot control it's own growth rate. However, the cool thing is, YOU can. A beardeddragon will grow in size according to the size of

Soak your beardeddragon in warm water. The water must not be too warm and you should be able to feel it on your wrist, similar to bathing a newborn baby (90 – 95 F) Soak your Beardie for about 25 minutes and while bathing your dragon try massaging the stomach gently and remember not to push...

How DoI make my reptile tank less humid? How to Raise the humidity in your beardeddragon tank.

How doI set up my Chinese waterdragon’s habitat? Chinese waterdragons are loner-lizards; they’re happiest living solo.

What type of cagedoesmybeardeddragon require? Beardeddragons are popular, well-known lizards currently

As soon as your beardeddragon enclosure is assembled and furnished, you are ready to bring your pet home. Excitement fills the air as you stand back to admire your beautiful beardeddragon terrarium and boa cages.

While beardeddragons (genus Pogona) indeed need waterin their diets, it's not always as simple as pouring some into a bowl and leaving it in their living quarters. If you have one of these Aussie lizards in your care, consider the climate of your geographic location before determining how to handle your ...

Beardeddragons get their name from the ability to "puff" out pouches in their necks. The neck pouches are rows of scales that can change color and are visible on both male and female lizards. Known also as "beardies," beardeddragons are social critters that love investigating areas and being...

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