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69“When the Chessgame is over, the Pawn and. the King go back to the same box”. (Irish saying).

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This is a list of the top movies about the game of chess. You don't have to understand the rules of chess to enjoy these films.

Explore 280 ChessQuotes by authors including Jerry Seinfeld, Stanley Kubrick, and Woody Allen at BrainyQuote.

Chess?! The gentlemansgame maybe, I personally think Fencing is the Gentlemans sports, and is much better. ha, so chess is still a gentlemens game. if sword fighting is gentlemenly, then i dont think ripping ones arm off constitutes as ungentlemenly either.

But this quote is also about the changing of the guard in chess, as Steinitz moved high-level play away from unsound sacrifices to one where accurate play and the accumulation of advantages ruled the

WarGames (War Games) Quotes. David: Is this real or is it a game? Joshua: What's the difference?

CHESSQUOTES. A good sacrifice is one that is not necessarily sound but leaves your opponent dazed and confused.

Good chess players do not even have to think how each piece moves, since they already have that at the back of their minds. What they really do is plan ahead, even multiple moves in advance, and excel at changing their game play

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The Human Chess trope as used in popular culture. The favorite pastime of every Chessmaster and Evil Overlord.

Latest Chess Puzzles. The end game Paul Vaitonis and Reuben Fine , Stockholm 1937 ended in a victory for Fine who won in 3 moves.

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