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Guys i have a proplem with my computer its i build it on my own in the first day after i build it and plugged it in the screen it worked fine but on the other day i turned it on it work for 3 or 4 secondsthenturnoff please help i don't know what's the proplem.

My car was working fine, it was low on oil this morning so I put oil in it, i am not sure if it was the same brand used earlier. It was working fine, but hours later when I tried to start it, it starts but only for few seconds and turnsoff. And it sounds very "tired", like it's barley running before... show more My car...

Actually my code, blincks for2seconds and it's not consider the 3 seconds that it has to be off. [This is my new code, I missing an initial condition to light for the first time]. const int led=PIN_LED1; const int pinSwitch1=16

Then, what I try is connect the monitor, power off the monitor, thenturnon the computer, and only turnedon the monitor after the computer was running for longer than 2seconds, and the BIOS showed up, with my old motherboard.

What possible reasons are there for a car’s AC compressor to keep turningon and off every few seconds when the outside temperature is around ...

Learn how you can fix problem with computer turnonthenoff immediately.

If AC is turningoff after 15 minutes or less every single time, or even just minutes after it first kicks on, it’s called “short cycling.” Short cycling is bad for a few reasons

When I start my car, it runs for2secondsthen it dies. I give it gas and it revs perfectly fine, but even when I give it gas, it still dies.

2. Turnon computer, let the boot sequence go for about 5 seconds (wait until the fan speed changes from fast to slow during the boot time) when the LED on the quick play lights for a second time and the fan speed is fast press ESC button or F10 or CTRL+ALT+DEL. 3. Plug in the AC power adapter then...

Got home from school early today, was gonna play some PUBG, turnedon my PC, it booted and I ran PUBG, blackscreen.

I've searched on the net on how to resolve this and I've seen a post about shorting the J1 and J2 pins on the mainboard.

Then I turned it off the other day and when I tried to turn it back on the power light came onfor about 3-5 secondsthen the light went back out. I jiggled it around a little bit thinking maybe something got lose inside or something and sure enough it rebooted (I don't recommend jiggling it).

Turn key off, wait for relay clcik noise or 10 seconds. thenturn key to ON again and wait 5 seconds to build pressure again. Then start engine. If it starts better, you have a bad check valve in the fuel pump or a bad pressure regulator on the fuel rail (unlikely).

When the thermostat sends the signal to turn the a/c unit on it does so as it should but it runs for 15 seconds and thenturnsoff.

I have to turnoff the power supply button and let it be for some time ( maybe like 1-2 hours) and then It works normally like nothing happened.

The fans, drives, etc. start to spin up but thenturnoff after 2seconds. Nothing happens afterwards. Is it my power supply?

Just power cycles. Turnsonfor a second. Thenturnsoff. Turnson. Is this motherboard known for having problems or is my processor gone bad?

So my Galaxy S4 turnedoff randomly today during charge. I attempted turning it back on via the power button and it would not respond. Then I tried taking out the battery and replacing it, the device vibrates with the Galaxy S4 logo showing up for about a couple seconds...

Now when I turn my Xbox One on, the power button on the front lights for for like half a second, then shuts off.

When I turn my computer on, it comes onfor2-5 seconds, thenofffor2-5, then on and boots normally. This is the only odd thing my computer does (releated to hardware). Plays games endlessly just fine, no issues or instabili...